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Senior Ruby Integrations Engineer

🏒 Chargeback πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Salt Lake City, UT, US πŸ•‘ June 09

This job offer is expired

Our API, scheduled data pulls, and batch files processing have left us with millions of records. We need an expert software engineer to help us keep all that data organized, indexed, and accessible. You'll be building reporting interfaces, optimizing data stores, and most importantly, making sure we can suck in more and more data.

Do you sleep better at night knowing the code you put in production was delivered with automated testing? Sounds like we might be a match.


  • Experience building rule-based, configurable, automated systems
  • Parallel data processing.
  • Collaboration with team members to architect new features.
  • Mentoring junior coworkers.
  • Interfacing with and building APIs.
  • Writing and maintaining automated tests.
  • Building interactive plugins for eCommerce platforms.


  • Automated testing of codebases, especially using Rspec.
  • An understanding of MVC, OOP, database technologies, parallelization and modern programming.
  • Great communicator, self-motivated, dependable and responsible.
  • Able to work with others to architect a future software stack or augment an existing one.
  • Proven ability to craft functional requirements into exceptional software.
  • Dealing with large datasets in PostgreSQL, Redis, AMQP, and similar technologies.
  • Caching, optimization, code efficiency.
  • AWS and cloud-based computing.
  • Ruby (automated jobs, data processing).
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Familiarity with normal community coding tools and standards.


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