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Employee owned consultancy on the look out for experienced Ruby/JS devs

Size 228
bluespot London, United Kingdom April 23

This job offer is expired

At bluespot we've created a new kind of web-development consultancy. We value honesty, transparency and open communication and strive to bake these values into everything we do.

About bluespot:

  • Employee owned business where the team are the shareholders
  • Profitable and already paying dividends
  • Open salaries and company accounts
  • Brave enough to turn down bad projects
  • All based in our own office (never at our clients)
  • Weekly company retrospectives
  • Guilt free home working and flexible hours

The role

We are looking for experienced full stack developers to help join us. As part of our development team you'll be working on a variety of interesting projects and helping our clients develop successful digital products.

The tech

At the moment our go-to server stack is Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We occasionally reach for Node.js where appropriate.

We love React and Redux in the browser and find React Native makes us incredibly productive when creating native apps.

We believe testing is imperative to creating a healthy project and commonly use RSpec and Capybara with Ruby and JestJasmine or Mocha with JavaScript.

We favour deploying to Heroku and enjoy its tight integration with Git and GitHub.

Our approach

We work using a simple but powerful agile methodology that encourages collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement. Each week, we plan and deliver completed features to our clients, with our aim always to have teams working together, not in silos or staggered across iterations.

Developers at bluespot hold weekly (or even more frequent) face to face meetings with clients where they demo the iteration's work, give advice, and talk through plans for the future of the project.

When not on a client project, our developers might be working on internal products, joining chats with potential clients, contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts, or learning about anything else new that takes their fancy.

How to apply

Apply through Stack Overflow

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