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Front End Developer

🏢 Iridescent 🌎 Remote 🕑 April 20

This job offer is expired

Front-end Web Developer (remote position)

Iridescent is looking for a Front-end Web Developer to build online tools that help how students engage in engineering and technology education. We are looking for someone who can join us to bring education opportunities to the world’s most neediest commuities using technology tools!

Iridescent is a science and technology education nonprofit that reaches thousands of young people worldwide and teaches curiosity, creativity, and persistence. We are a small but mighty team. Our team is composed of educators, scientists, engineers, developers, designers and program managers. Together we have served over 100,000 people in over 100 countries over the last 12 years and we are excited to see what we can do over the next 12 years!  

What you’ll build:

Our Technovation program connects teams of girls from around the world to powerful mentors to learn technology entrepreneurship by creating mobile apps and business plans. The students and mentors use a web app to find teams & mentors, access curriculum, submit their app & business plan, and also receive scores from judges. The web app is a critical part of the program as well as the competition.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop new Vue components in a Rails 5.1+ application, alongside 2 years’ worth of legacy code which has been kept clean and tested.
  • Integrate auth, single sign-on, data, and storage with Firebase
  • Think through UX and UI design in sketches, wireframes, and working prototypes
  • Manage the project with your team through iterative 2-3 week sprints
  • Communicate with non-tech staff to gather requirements and QA feedback
  • Communicate with our volunteers for user support and production feedback
  • Fix bugs, improve UX workflows
  • Deploy to production regularly
  • Use google analytics / other data to inform how to improve workflows

What skills you need:

  • Fundamental web development skills - Terminal, git, valid cross-browser compatible HTML5, CSS3, Web API use, conforming to a code style guide, clean coding, expert ability to achieve complex layout and style with minimal code, etc
  • Fundamental web design knowledge - Modern best practices, Typography,  “Don’t Make Me Think”, Web APIs, DOM
  • Self-starter mindset - No one has to tell you what to do, you can go over the project and code again and again to seek out areas for improvement. Your teammates will get unsolicited pull requests from you.
  • Consistent self-teaching - You follow modern web dev updates and eagerly learn best practices - you might get interested in new trends but toy with them on pet projects before introducing them to production code.
  • Vue, Vuex, Firebase experience
  • Experience building large and complex web UIs for multiple audiences - Our platform serves over 25,000 volunteers and participants in 120 countries, aged 10 to 80, in the following roles: Regional Ambassadors (think admin lite), Mentors, Middle & High School students, Judges, and our own staff as Admins
  • Empathy for the end-user, for people of different cultures, languages, and education levels from your own
  • Constructive communication skills and patience - you will work with a lot of staff and volunteers who are not as technology savvy as you.

You don’t need

  • Any particular university education or degree
  • Ninja/rockstar/god-like abilities - it’s healthy to doubt your skills and crave improvement

Bonus skills

  • Experience with rails views and asset pipeline is a huge plus, but not required
  • Data visualization skills, modern JS libs for charts and graphs would be extremely cool

We offer

  • Full autonomy - In collaboration and negotiation with staff, you will make high level decisions about the work you will do, and how you will execute it. We don’t micromanage here. You can make your own technology and resource decisions without formal oversight. Just communicate clearly and discuss it with any people affected by it.
  • Flexible schedule - Go to appointments and run errands when you need to, as long as you’re getting your work done in good quality and on time. We have core hours, but no one is looking over your shoulder.
  • Ample paid time off - We offer 20 paid vacation days on top of federal holidays. It’s also not strictly tracked; we trust each other not to abuse that.
  • Meaningful work - You contribute directly to a project that is aimed at providing access to underserved areas in 120 countries - real people will express their gratitude to you in emails and slack chats
  • Workplace input - If you can convince your coworkers, we are open to adopting new workflows, software, etc, that you think would improve our organization. The only formal approval commonly needed is for budget.
  • “Flat” organization - We do have a Leadership Team so that we know who to go to for help with issues and major decisions, and so that we have a clearly defined level of accountability, but you definitely won’t feel like you have a traditional boss or manager. All the way “up” to the CEO, we are transparent and honest. This isn’t fluff for a job posting, it’s something we actively practice and keep in check.
  • The best salary we can at the moment - Be realistic, we are a non-profit. Maybe you can make more at a top software company, but we will give you a lot of personal freedom, meaningful collaboration, and real decision making power within the organization. We don’t answer to shareholders, investors, and quarterly reports. Instead, we get to make what’s best for us and our users, on our own schedule. We will do everything we can to enable you to do the best work of your career and take pride in it.

How to apply

  • Send your cover letter, telling us about who you are, what you do, why you want this job. Attach your resume and email it to recruiting@iridescentlearning.org. Please include “Front End Developer” in the title of your email.

  • Links to projects. Send us a few links to projects you worked on in the past. It can be from your previous job (if allowed) or something you built on the side as a hobby. Tell us what you built and for what purpose.

  • Be ready to answer any questions regarding your technical abilities during the interview process.


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