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Experienced Full Stack Ruby Engineer

GeoTix 🌎 Remote April 18

This job offer is expired

About the Job

We work in Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, CSS and HTML. We use frameworks (RoR, Ember, React) and language extensions (Sass, Haml, CoffeeScript), but known they come and go. You will work as a trusted peer on a small team to implement new features. We all work on each layer in the stack, and we all fix bugs between feature releases. We all help each other. We use agile methods (yes really use them, not just use the tools and call it agile). We deliver features in two to four week sprints.

We are looking for a talented software engineer committed to his or her craft to become a key member of our small growing team. You can work locally, in our beautiful small city (Traverse City MI), or remotely. Remote employees must have a four or more hour overlap in work hours with the eastern time zone (EST/UTC-5).


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