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Ruby on Rails Programmer

Webbernet Remote March 09

This job offer is expired

We are a tight-knit group of Rails developers who build custom software for medium/large sized businesses here in AU. We are looking for a keen rails developer to join the team, and assist us in building and maintaining our monolith applications. 

How we work:
  • We build large projects that we need to maintain long into the future, so we put a large emphasis on our projects following the SOLID principles, most importantly the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
  • Our projects also follow the facade pattern
  • We have a nice CI suite, which tests our code for things like style/complexity/test coverage
  • We embrace the majestic monolith way of thinking
  • We always look for the simplest way to solve a problem
  • We catch up on video conference *at least* once a week

Successful candidate will:
  • Be keen to be part of a team that shares love for code
  • Be happy to work with the rest of the team and to participate in code review with us
  • Be comfortable with writing unit and feature tests for all code that is produced ( We use RSPEC, Capybara )
  • Be happy to work with static analysis tools such as Rubocop, RubyCritic, Flay, Flog ( We use CodeClimate )
  • Be available 37.5 hrs / week
  • Overlaps at least a few hours with Australia business hours
  • Have access to an annual learning allowance for books / courses

Bonus if you follow Sandi Metz!

To apply: Send your resume and cover letter to jake@webbernet.com.au

How to apply

To apply: Send your resume and cover letter to jake@webbernet.com.au

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